Victoria Buggy Build

Well after my July front flip at the local tuff truck event I made the choice to build a new and safer rig. The old rig held up for two years of abuse, she has been rolled, flipped, jumped and repaired to many times now. It was time to strip her down for a complete rebuild or start new. After much thought I started looking for a new chassis. I must have looked at every brand out there. I got a few local guys building twisted fab rigs, and another PS Bruiser running around. After a few phone calls I decided to go with PJ from M&M Off Road. Being a new rig it has to have a new name, the old one was Viki, the other woman in my life according to the wife. The new one will be Victoria, her better looking sister. Ok, time for the run down. M&M Off Road 4 seat custom chassis with CJ front clip Gen 3 408 stroker built for bottom end TQ TH 400 with a lot of good parts Atlas 3.0 with 300M outputs and comp gears Rear Solid 14B third Ruff Stuff housing 5.38 Spool 4340 shafts Front Mega High Nine Ruff Stuff housing RCV shafts locker undecided Willwood Brakes all around thanks to Easyrick Trail Ready 17s with 42 Rockers 16" Swayaway coil carriers and triple bypass shocks Profender Bumpstops ( wanted to try them) First two pics are the old rig. I have posted these before, but I figured I'd throw them in at the start as a farwell. Third pic is the new chassis and them some parts

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