Triple Threat Buggy Build

So for the past few years things have changed a lot for me. I am fortunate the Shops been doing well, and After having a kid and selling the the last buggy in the fall, i have decided to start another build. The name "Triple Threat" represents the ability to conquer the toughest obstacles, comfortably seat the family, and realistically ride to town and get gas and lunch. I am realistic. After building lots of rides, I don't expect this to be a highway cruiser. I know i can build it to go up the best trails, and fit the family. However, My road use will be limited. The majority will be the short 10 minute back woods commute to my local town, drag strip, and car shows. This aspect has been missed ever since i started building them to wild to be streetable. It will be running a removable wind shield, mirrors,turn signals, standard wheels and 41 radials for street use. (bead locks and sx's for the off road trips)
Build specs
CTSV LS6 engine with mods.......450hp
43 sx's
Twisted stitch seats 
Rolled tube accents

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